Dedicated to the marine industry

For successful operations we offer a variety of solutions, which can combine many services, and multiple transportation modes.

The services we combine are the following: 

  • Freight forwarding, by air, ocean, truck
  • Delivery on board operations, by barge or truck
  • Warehousing
  • Consolidations
  • European trucking service
  • Customs formalities
  • Charter flights
  • Worldwide On Board courier

According to the individual needs of our customers, each hub location operates as a unique consolidation point.

Our hub locations have bonded warehouse facilities, which are all connected with one main warehouse system.

  • Amsterdam
  • Rotterdam
  • Piraeus
  • Busan
  • Singapore

We have many examples to provide, so you can understand our philosophy and working system

Some companies prefer to use only Piraeus as a hub location, as they feel more comfortable in purchasing orders from Greek suppliers.

We offer consolidation for all purchased orders in the Piraeus bonded warehouse facilities.

From there, we take care of all the customs procedures. The moment we receive the orders in the warehouse, as all suppliers receive immediately VAT exemption.

Our customers feel safer knowing the daily stock, having easily in their possession all documentation related to the purchased orders.

From this point and according to the position of the vessel, we provide transportation solution either by airfreight, road freight, FCL / LCL, or we can deliver directly on board of the vessel if she passes from the Greek ports.

The hub of The Netherlands, is used by some of our customers, as the main consolidation point, as their vessels trade a lot in Rotterdam, European big ports, African ports, or generally to any port in the world.

Some companies purchase their orders, from suppliers in the Northern or Eastern part of Europe.

We come with our European trucking service, and we collect ready orders from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France, Germany, Belgium, UK, Poland, France, or The Netherlands. We are monitoring the readiness of the orders directly with the suppliers.

We bring the orders to our bonded warehouse facilities, and immediately take care of any customs document either T1 or EXA, depending on the customs status of the orders we receive from suppliers.

For the customers whose vessels trade a lot in the Far East or Australian ports,  the hub of Singapore is an ideal solution.

Singapore is well known, among others, for the flexibility in the customs system, therefore we consult with our customers and we provide bonded warehouse facilities for incoming shipments arriving in Singapore under any transportation mode.

From this point, either we deliver on board the vessel by barge no matter if she is IPL or OPL, or we dispatch by airfreight, truck, FCL/LCL to the nominated port.

Korea is also a great hub for customers who purchase orders from Korean, Japanese, Chinese suppliers.

We gather all purchased orders in Busan’s bonded warehouse facilities, and from this location we consolidate and dispatch many orders under one awb, or bill of lading.

For the orders in Japan and China, we propose our customers to dispatch the orders to Busan, so we make one single dispatch, especially when their vessel trades in South America, USA or Africa, where the customs procedures take few working days.

  • We are providing solutions, and most importantly we are full of great energy to serve.
  • We are constantly developing more productive habits, that lead us to greater success for the mutual good of our customers, and our company.
  • We are listening to our customers, and we are working closely with them for the best optimum solution for their needs.